ABB unveils new 400 kW charging station

ABB unveils new 400 kW charging station


ABB has presented its new A400 HPC charging station, characterised by particularly high reliability. It offers two connections with 200 kW continuous charging power each or up to 400 kW for a single vehicle.


The new product is an alternative to ABB’s HPC charging stations from the Terra-HP series, which are based on a split system and can be modularly adapted to charging capacities from 175 to 500 kW. The new A400 solution from the Swiss company differs in that it is an “all-in-one” charging solution. It can deliver up to 400 kW to a single vehicle; if two vehicles draw power from the CCS device at the same time, it distributes this via dynamic power distribution in 50 kW increments “according to the different charging patterns”, as ABB states. The company describes the innovations of the column as including specially developed silicon carbide power modules arranged in 100 kW blocks and a new two-phase cooling technology (“liquid to vapour to liquid”) for the charging plug designed for up to 600 amps.


The new charging station in the ABB range measures 2,300 x 810 x 790 millimetres, i.e. it takes up 0.64 square metres of floor space. The manufacturer estimates the cable length at 4.8 metres. The column is operated via a 32-inch screen and payment is made via an integrated credit card reader. According to ABB, the user interface is as intuitive as a smartphone menu. The design of the column is also said to be fundamentally “user-centred.”


Important for operators: The A400 comes with a cloud-based asset management toolchain, which should make it particularly easy to manage. This should increase reliability, as: “For many fleets and owner/operators, the focus in recent years has been mainly on installing power – peak power and volume of power. The question has been “how much installed power do I get for my money?” The result has been a pursuit of quantity over quality. ABB E-Mobility believes that as an industry, we need to continue to deploy more power and increase grid densities as the installed base of EV fleets continues to grow. At the same time, we need to find a better balance between just installing more power on the one hand and more reliability and more power sharing on the other.” For this reason, ABB has developed the A400 column with the aim of selling a ten-year product life, high reliability and energy at the lowest cost.


Michael Halbherr, CEO of ABB E-Mobility, emphasised that his company has learned the most important lessons from its extensive experience: “At ABB E-Mobility, we have taken key lessons from our extensive experience and are obsessed with creating a charging experience that is reliable, scalable, managed and secure, while ensuring interoperability and performance.” Speaking of experience: With around 1,500 employees worldwide, ABB E-mobility says it has sold more than one million chargers in more than 85 markets to date, including over 50,000 DC fast chargers.


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