Cellphones and EVs

Cellphones and EVs

Cellphones and EV's have often been compared to one another e.g. charging overnight. It seems that the parallels just keep multiplying

In the beginning cell phones had heavy batteries, were huge and could only be obtained by rich people. Today the Bergie on the street has a phone and in time electric cars will also become very accessible, simple supply and demand.

The cellphone started out as a portable telephone and now is an indispensable  interface to the digital world. EV's in time will not be viewed as a car as we know it. They will power your home and will function as autonomous AI transport systems. Cars  as we now know them will be for the enthusiast.

The biggest hurdle to the transition will be power supply and reluctance to change by vested interest groups such as the oil industry. Technology and physics will solve the former problem however I am pessimistic about the latter.

PV Amped

(source: Drive Electric)

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