Charging an EV in South Africa - ABC (Always Be Charging)

Charging an EV in South Africa - ABC (Always Be Charging)

Braaivleis , sunny skies and EV's 

We are blessed in SA with sunny skies and a fairly temperate climate, the ingredients for ideal PV charging. Buying an EV should include a 5Kw inverter and enough solar panels to generate 5Kw. Within 2 years you will have paid back the system with "petrol costs" . Once we have a "car to load" the EV battery will run an efficient house, this will be a game changer, with the car as the house battery. This exciting development is being held back by the car industry who are needlessly  worried about their battery guarantees, the oil industry and alas also by the Utilities!

If for some reason you cannot fit a solar system then the ABC rule applies i.e.

Always Be Charging

If the car can be parked near a plug charge! It is essential to have a charging cable that allows you to titrate power from 2Kw to 7 Kw. If the plug is on a 20amp breaker charge at 10 to16 amps ; if it is on a 32amp breaker charge at 7Kw. A 32 amp caravan type wall plug can be fitted in your garage at minimal cost obviating the need to have an expensive OEM type system. Needless to say once you park you charge.  EV charging needs the same mindset as charging your devices (phone, tablet e.t.c)!

Many big shopping centers have free AC power type 2 charging at 7Kw supplied from their solar systems. They are invariably big open parking spots in a prime position!  One only needs your EV card to charge for free.

More and more "farm stalls" have AC charging, check the plugshare app and charge if you stop. The costs of public DC  and AC charging is half the price of petrol for the equivalent range.

If you heed the above advice more than 90 % of your "petrol" costs should be free! The naysayers cannot throw the ESKOM coal argument at you and in addition you avoid the ridiculous tax levied on our fuel! 

PV Amped

(source: Drive Electric)


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