EV Conspiracy Theories

EV Conspiracy Theories

EV's are our power solution. It is quite possible that in the near future we won't be boasting about the 0 to 100  times of our cars but about how much power we can supply to our houses.

With our current ANC/ ESKOM disaster we should be DEMANDING car to load!

Let's go back to the 5Kw/hr cookie cutter solar system coupled to a 5Kw/hr battery bank. Think of the 5kw/hr home  battery as the reservoir . If one attaches a huge dam or "generator" of 100Kw/hr (i.e your car) to the small reservoir you are power independent! 

The most basic of new inverters have a "generator input" In other words you have boosted your home storage by R 500 000.00 or by 20 times! 

In essence you are off grid , you don't have to pay for electricity and don't have to pay for fuel , a saving of about R 4000.00 per month.

Why aren't we SHOUTING about this from the rooftops ?

These are the conspiracy theories:

1. The motor industry.

Large lithium ion batteries are robust but relatively new technology.

The industry guarantees their life expectancy for 8 years but is uncertain about drainage other than the car energy usage. Most EV's currently don't have car to load probably because they are uncertain of this additional cycling . The science however is reassuring because light loads allow batteries to be discharged for over 20 years. Currently the BYD is the only car in SA with a 230V outlet ! Volvo EX 90 coming..

2. Utilities/ Governments

Most of the revenue of utilities comes from electricity. If this income stream is stopped they have a problem . It is difficult to tax the sun so this is why they pay lip service to home solar energy. Adding the car battery to the equation will be suicide for local authorities.

3. Oil Industry

We underestimate the power of this megalith. It controls the world. Simple solutions that enable the man in the street to gain power independence are not in their interest. They will retard and inhibit any technology affecting their control and their budget is unlimited. It is fascinating to watch the slick anti EV propaganda mushrooming on youtube.

Car to grid is another ball game. The brain's trust of our central based government will never be able to conceptualise this. Overseas this will also be a slow buy in,  mainly because of the above conspiracy theories, but time will tell…


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(source: Drive Electric)

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