Solar and EV - A Perfect Match

Solar and EV - A Perfect Match

Owning an electric car is a no brainer; the tipping point has been breached.

The technology and use of energy by an EV  is just more efficient by almost a factor of 2.

The adoption in South Africa has been curtailed by

  1. Greedy incompetent government with a 25% tax on EV's
  2. Greedy vested interests of the  oil industry with a stream of daily negative propaganda.
  3. Greedy utilities seeing their main income, electricity disappearing.

South Africans make a plan!

If every EV has access to a 5Kw solar system at home the maths is obvious. We are blessed with abundant relatively cool sunshine in SA, which allows the inefficient PV panels to produce optimally, compared to for arguments sake a solar panel in the Sahara!

EV's in SA despite the taxes are getting closer and closer in cost every day.

 BMW X3 ICE = R1,310,233

 BMW iX3 EV = R1,336,000


(Browse Pricing HERE)

Let's factor in a cookie cutter 5 Kw inverter and panels say R80 000

An EV with a 80 Kw/hr battery.

Generous average daily commute say 80km.

This will require on average 3 hrs of daily charging on the solar system.

Or the weekend of 8hrs/day of solar will charge an 80Kw battery from empty.

ABC when at home ....Always Be Charging.

Most average middle class families in SA will have access to a garage or to off street parking unlike congested First world countries.

In one year you would have saved 2 880l of fuel !

The solar would have paid for itself in fuel in just over one year. From there onwards fuel is free!

I haven't factored in the car to load, using your EV to counter load shedding and reducing household electricity costs !

This game changer is on the horizon whether the motor manufacturers like it or not!

To add a PV system to a new house build or a new EV in South Africa is essential and a fraction of the capital cost !

SOLAR + EV a perfect match


PV Amped

(source: Drive Electric)




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