Why can't we be Carheads?

Why can't we be Carheads?

Why are petrol heads and EVheads so polarised ?

The answer is that we don't like change, but we will have to change our mindsets.

I have driven ICE cars all my life and love them. I also love EV's and have embraced the change. It is possible to love both.

How is it therefore possible to love both types of propulsion?

  1. Technology.

Making a fire in a metal cylinder attaching the resultant explosion to numerous metal parts to propel rubber forward onto the road is a marvel. The unit of energy to create this motion is only 30% efficient. Compare this to a wire coil spinning around a magnet driving a shaft that arrives on the tar with an over 95% efficiency.

  1. Sound

Making an explosion is very loud and motor manufacturers have spent decades deadening the noise with complex silences. EV's in contrast have achieved the ultimate in noise reduction, but we are not satisfied. Change the mindset .Noise does not mean power.

  1. Power

Mine is bigger than yours is part of petrol head culture. EV's are simply more powerful. End of story.

  1. Roadholding.

EV's currently do not get close to the enigma of a rear wheel 911 blasting around a corner. In time batteries will become more dense and lighter and the clever engineers will match the legend, and again our mindset will have to change.

  1. Engagement

Here again we need a major mindset change. Instead of using the gears and revs to enjoy the ride, let technology do that for you! Instead use  the new tools to exploit the road and revel in the efficiency. The way we engage with our cell phones is being replicated in modern EV's to create a unique new interaction. We have been forced to embrace technology and in that genre of EV's ( that we as petrolheads want)  this new interaction can and will  be enjoyable.

You simply must be prepared to change your mindset, in time you will have no choice


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(source: Drive Electric)

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